Today's Scripture Reading: Luke 2

Everything about the coming of Christ is good news! Thusly, every story about Jesus feels like the very best story. This is the story of how the magnificent God of the universe, the Creator, the One above everything, wrapped Himself in the flesh of a newborn child. In the depths of Mary’s human womb God planted himself, and God grew.

And then, God was born! He entered our world the same way all humans have entered: through  birth! Mary and Joseph doted over their new son. They could count his fingers and his toes. They could take great delight in their son, as parents still do today. Somehow, the very One who created Mary and Joseph now depended on them to survive in a harsh world. What humility!

But God’s work and sovereignty did not cease when He entered human form. The universe kept turning. His plans prevailed, all the way to Calvary.

Do you see the beautiful story that God is continuing to tell? What a beautiful picture for us, as Christ is in us! Jesus held the fullness of God in bodily form, and now His fullness dwells in those who believe, daily nourishing and sustaining. What amazing hope! What grace! There is no god like our God.