Today's Scripture Reading: John 1:1-14

For the ancient Greek philosophers, the Word (logos) was the spirit of truth that guided all thought. Over centuries they developed their rhetoric, seeking all the while for a perfect truth to end their disagreements.

John, writing to the philosophy of the day, puts forth a sparkling proclamation: the Logos is not an idea, but a reality. And not merely an intangible “truth”, but a knowable person. Not only can you know truth, you can have a relationship with truth. Furthermore, this Word is even more powerful and glorious than previously imagined: without his power, nothing in the universe could have been created. And this power came to dwell among us. Imagine that! The same God who created the universe humbled himself to be governed by its laws. Each day he walked, fully bound by gravity. He watched the sun rise and set, bound by time. His body would strengthen and fatigue according to his nature as a human being.

Jesus the Word was fully man, but sadly “the world did not know him” as fully God. Even before John penned these verses to open his gospel, he knew that Christ had been rejected, crucified and buried. But the innocent Christ did not stay dead, for death cannot hold the undeserving. He arose in ever-growing infinite invincible strength!

May the Lord give you fresh eyes this Christmas season to view Christ in all his glory, light, and life. Darkness has not, and will not, overcome him. As you pray for your friends and family, remember that the right to become children of God is only granted to those that would believe in him (vs. 12). Pray that they believe and are received into His Kingdom!