Today's Scripture Reading: John 19

Put yourself in the courtyard of Pilate the day our Lord was stumbling, bleeding, beaten and hearing the jeers from the crowd, screaming "Crucify him! Crucify him!"  See the hostile soldiers twisting a crown of thorns on His head as they mocked, "Hail, King of the Jews!" John 19 describes the most horrific confrontation of all time detailing the "trial" and crucifixion of Jesus.

Most of us consider Pilate as the horrible leader of this injustice. That he was, but Pilate tried everything possible to avoid facing the issue of Jesus. He even had Him scourged thinking this would be enough for the crowd. It wasn't. There was no legal reason to crucify Him. What was he to do?  Pilate was faced by the angry Jewish Chief Priests and was afraid of Caesar's wrath. The concern of Pilate quickly became saving himself, not the innocent.

Sound familiar? Are we the bullies or the observers who dare not speak a word in fear of persecution? Either way someone hurts. The crowd got exactly what they wanted. The walk to the cross began. Jesus was crucified and as he breathed his last, committed His spirit to the Father. All had been accomplished.

The persecutors thought they had been in control but little did they know, Jesus was crucified as part of a plan.  God's plan for salvation was foreordained before the creation of the world (Acts 2:23).  "The way of the world" caused the death of Jesus. AND IT CHANGED EVERYTHING! The cross didn't just cover our sins, it removed them. God the Father, Creator of heaven and earth gave His Son for us. Jesus, our Lord, was willing to suffer and die for all who put their trust in Him.

As we approach this blessed miraculous season of Christ’s birth, let us not forget why He was born.  Saving faith looks to Jesus. Thank you, God, for your divine perfect plan of salvation.