Today's Scripture Reading: Luke 24

There is something different about Christianity. Every other religion has a leader in a tomb. Jesus is different. He is risen! We have a living, risen savior. God’s plan is fulfilled at the resurrection. The women at the tomb were reminded of God’s plan by the angels. Jesus told His followers that the Son of Man MUST be delivered into the hands of sinful men, be crucified, and on the third day rise. We need that constant reminder as well through God’s Word.

The road to Emmaus was a special journey. Imagine walking with Jesus and being taught the entire Old Testament yet failing to recognize the Teacher. We are guilty of the same thing. We open our Bibles and forget who the Author is. We should approach scripture with a sense of awe. Our hearts should burn when we open scripture because it is the Word of God. Only through the power of the Holy Spirit will our eyes be opened.

Jesus knew we would struggle with doubt. Even the disciples doubted what they were witnessing before their eyes. Jesus was patient with them willing to answer their doubts. He is patient with our doubt as well. He gives us the precious gift of the Holy Spirit to guide us. We are clothed with this amazing power from God.

But the Holy Spirit is not only for our benefit. God’s plan is for us to go and tell the world about Jesus. Through the Holy Spirit, we have the confidence to share the Gospel.

While the resurrection of Jesus fulfilled God’s plan, the ascension showed His majesty. As we wait for His Glory to appear descending from clouds when Jesus returns, we still witness God’s majesty revealed in the creation all around us. Come, Lord Jesus, Come.